Check Your Webster

​Dark ruby out to basically no edge and staining.  Crazy-opulent dessert oak chocolate carrot-cake cinnamon birch-bark Tia Maria liqueur Comstock cherry pie filling dried  apricot mint black cigar barrel-racing grave-digging tire-iron black walnut full round bikini-bottom mascarpone crazy opulence. Wait. I said that already. And what do you get after a nose like that? A big flabby ripe obese POS?  Not here you don’t.

In the mouth, fruit subdued on this infant behind gobs of perfect–no harsh, no bitter, no obfuscating–tannin, dry dusty cedar shaving tannin, so perfectly balanced, begging appreciation of the stalwart plum-blackberry fruit making up the core of this Death Star of a wine.

There just isn’t enough words to describe everything in this wine.  All the mint and eucalyptus and decadent dark fruit.  I can’t decide if I like smelling or tasting it better. There’s only 2 barrels, so I’d get on it if I were you. Yes, there’s a lot of good 13’s out there. Then there’s this.

2013 WEBSTER CELLARS Red Meritage Blend Reserve Napa Valley  13.8


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