Grenache is King

IMG_20170524_194840_454Transparent rosy garnet, through-and-through to wide clear edges.  Rosy in the nose as well, blasting minty floral and brooding musk far beyond visual expectations.  Round egg-white, buttery, gum-tree layers on pretty cinnamon-infused Dr. Pepper fruit.  A beautiful barnyard-y vegetal blows off instantly and then re-surfaces–mellowed and polished–late in the nose.

Oh what a difference a day makes.  Everything that clouded and bogged down last night’s 2014 Grenache is alive and shining in this example.  While almost every dank nuance on yesterday’s turned plodding and awkward, all points here rocket skyward, dragging along plumes of beauty, delicate intensity and concentrated purity of fruit.

In the mouth, bright with initial lightness which quickly impresses with depth without cloying.  Young and vibrant, bolstered with intense minerality alongside the growing fruit.  I’m guessing 13-8.  No heat anywhere, acid underlying the ripe cherry throughout.

This is not a wine for fans of pancake-syrup hi-alcohol road-tar concoctions from Paso and Ballard.  This wine floats on ethereal wings, dropping fruit-bombs in well-defined patterns along an almost-Pinot template.  A brilliant Santa Barbara County Grenache.

2014 KINGS CAREY Grenache John Sebastiano Vineyard Santa Barbara Co. 13.8


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