​Dark garnet.  Green vegetal acrid on a brown sugar raft deftly navigating rapids of rich round ripeness with pinkies out but it’s not really working.  There’s a case of Keystone in the cooler and the BBQ smoke and alcohol burn give away any old-world notions you might have had, exchanging it for something simple, cloying, and not bright.

I have tried on numerous occasions to like this label and every time I attempt, I am confronted with a level of oxidation, of dreary funk, of awkward fruit, I have to walk away shaking my head.  This thing so ridiculously un-bright, and the concentration it does have is in unpleasant areas.

In the mouth, wet couch and overt eucalyptus dripping into flooded spring compost bin.  The crème-brûlée-mobile has dropped off her load–sans tannin and oxidizing FAST–and what are you left with?  Unpleasant Grenache.

2014 JAFFURS Grenache Santa Barbara County 14.6


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