Fusion Tacos?

Dark dark impenetrable garnet.  Seriously dried-blood red–black in the center–with edges so garnet they defy the obvious bricking.  Big roily nose, dank at first, then headed hardcore black-bitter and eucalyptus and easily as dense as the view, fruit not bright, concentrated and peaking, banana and charred petrichor, tinged in slight prune–everything starts exploding on late breathing–far more minerality and cedar, actual decent complexity.

This is a $25 Napa project I own several vintages of.  It pops up from time to time at better wine shops and I buy it to round out my box almost whenever I see it.  I forget who makes it but I think they only make this one Cabernet under the FUSE label. As I recall, it has a good chunk of Syrah in it.  Not sure if this is my last 07–I know I have younger stuff–but this thing is definitely drinking at peak right now.  I would heavily recommend drinking these soon.  Pretty glad I stumbled on this tonight.

In the mouth, unctuous and ripe, beautiful blackberry and cherry fruit, instantly hitting on 10 and never settling in to a hollow center.  Bright explosions of dank and searing, earth and atmospheric, it toys a line of dark preserves steeped in chocolate but a structural vein equal parts tannin, acid and alcohol which keep things out of the red-light-district.  That banana in the nose keeps things a touch awkward, but it decreases dramatically.  Steely finish provides an interesting juxtaposition to the dank initial bouquet.  All-in-all an interesting wine, well above average, not for everybody, but definitely people who think.

I know I’ve been hard on this wine, but it can take it.  It’s a great wine.  Highly recommended in any vintage.  I mean… come’on!  It’s 25-dollar Napa cab!!!  My favorite subject.

2007 FUSE Cabernet Sauvignon Napa Valley 14.9



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