The Mind Behind

Clear garnet with a huge bretty smoky nose.  Deft cassis, black cherry fruit and salty licorice ensure a profile you will not soon forget–or duplicate.

A little bit Orange County, a little bit Euro-trash, stylish and travelled, shines bright but has more going on than just you.  Club like a mofo;  sweaty, grimy, drunken sex;  sleep on the beach;  disappear the next day but somehow you’re still friends and the next time you see her it’s heaven again. Rich round dark under-the-boardwalk skunky brett meets sweet beautiful Montreal steak chocolaty-lime fruit and Coachella VIP ticket boho brilliance in a clear bright acidic package so alpine Sound of Music, so Venice Beach drum-circle, so Le Marais speakeasy. I would MARRY this wine. But she’s gone again.

An absolute MOUTHFUL of a wine, sweet dusky fruit, bright and dank and ridiculously yummy, with a bitter tinge and still more brett, showing food-and-acid qualities few American bordelais can muster.  A brilliant wine.

2012 CLENDENON FAMILY VINEYARDS Petit Verdot Bien Nacido Santa Maria Valley Santa Barbara Co. 13.5


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