IMG_20170413_174007_417Pale pale straw–just a wisp of color in it.  The nose on this thing at about 55*F is reason enough to not chill it further.  Round and full, MASSIVE peach and lilikoi fruit, the perfect traces of ripe banana sharpened with tangerine.

I DO have it chilling further, but like to get my nose into it over a full range of temperatures.  You are ALL drinking your white wines too cold, people.  Seriously, with the average refrigerator running 34-38, I would NEVER drink a white below 45, and typically consume them between 45 and 50.  Some I will end up drinking at almost 60 degrees.  You’re just killing all those nuances and wasting all those flavors drinking seriously chilled wine.  OK, sermon over.

While Napa Crest is indeed Yao Ming’s second label, don’t get the idea they are inferior, super-market 8-dollar mass-produced wines.  No.  not at all.  First of all, these are not super-cheap wines.  And most importantly, they are packed with quality.

In the mouth, sweet polished grassland–windswept and sea-driven–create a fullness of savory proportions.  Blueberry graininess works alongside fleshy strawberry, puffing and fluffing mounds of round mouth-feel against a sea of chalky minerality.  Bright, tart, brilliant acid explodes in all directions, dragging tannins with it into the finish worthy of CABERNET Sauvignon.

You know that mantra that got over-played in the 90’s about Viognier?  “White wine for red wine drinkers.”  Remember that?  Well, THIS, this right here, THIS is white wine for red wine drinkers.

2016 NAPA CREST Sauvignon Blanc Napa Valley 14.2


One thought on “Yeee-OW

  1. Great timing on this blog. I have some friends from Hong Kong heading to Napa this weekend and they asked where they should go. I haven’t had Yao wines yet so I wasn’t sure what to say to my friend who said “I prefer red wines.” Now I know! I’ll put Yao on the list.

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