Vivid Blanco

IMG_20170411_190137_359Pale pale almost clear canary.  Big opulent round nose, green while buttery, rife with graphite, sunny clay and heady root-vegetable.  Rich spice, boldly stirred into lychee and crenshaw.

Now I don’t usually tell ‘The Story’ or write any sort of *vineyard tour* educational Wine 101-type stuff here, there’s a couple interesting things to note about the three varieties included in this bottle.  Viura’s pretty common in Rioja so no big deal.  But the Tempranillo Blanco?  A single cane–not a single vine, a SINGLE CANE–was discovered in a Tempranillo vineyard with white fruit which ripened.  ALL the Tempranillo Blanco vines in Spain come from this single cane. Talk about being a daddy!  Maturana Blanca has historical references back to the 17th century.  So that’s kinda interesting.  Anyway…. But the wine:

In the mouth, more big richness–think Chardonnay or Sancerre.  Big rich buttery goodness with a nice chunk of smooth oak and brilliant acidity popping up around the edges.  Bright sharp burn in the finish keeps everything alive and spritely.  This is an incredible little white wine, crazy-versatile with food, not bogged down in any variety-dogma, bright and beautiful while still round and filling.  Heavily marketed, and not expensive.  How do you DO that?!?!

2015 VIVANCO Viura/Temp Blanco/Maturana Blanca 50/35/15 Rioja Spain  13.0


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