ThirstyThursday Blitzkrieg

An interesting Pinot.  Quite interesting for the price-point. A strange juxtaposition of California and Oregon and quite unlike many of the Sonoma Coast Pinots I am used to. Vapid and uninteresting, a bit flabby, showing toasty burnt-almond vegetal nuances.


Oh dear.  When did Zinfandel go so wrong.  A huge burn of alcohol, entwined with obese pruny fruit. Definitely Zinfandel, but ambered and cloying and ridiculously fat fat fat.  15.8 and showing all the tourist merits and stupid points of wines dismembered in this way.  Please make Zinfandel real again.


A breath of fresh air, 13.1 and a variety I can not pronounce or spell sourced from Lodi.  Blind, I would have said Cru Beaujolias.  Huge funk, but a funk tinged with steely crushed-bug goodness and vibrancy so amazing.  These wines continue to wow, and not expensive!  Highly recommended.


A offering discounted from near-$50 to $20.  Honestly, I would be no more impressed if it were $5.99.  Flatulent nose of… nothing… really, obese and round carrying loads of oak and fat fruit.  A candied nuance pervades all, and in the mouth sharp awkward acidity covers all, allowing vapid shallow fruit to barely peek through.  13.9 and completely uninteresting.  Vitamin C astringency neither attributable to acid or tannin.  Not worth ANY price.


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