PS: Howell Mountain

Dark ruby, nearly impenetrable, and with some sediment, which is interesting for a 2014.  Black cherry, thick and dense with expensive perfume and savory stew.  There is a richness to the nose you rarely see in Petite Sirah and it looks and smells like you could stand a fork up in it.

Miserable thick grainy color and texture: love, hate, and gravitas flow out of this thing like welfare kids at a PlayPlace.  Roiling thick black cherry boldly dangles Gucci and crisp onions, then hits you with the spicy burn. Latex and dried cranberry making up the classic PS forwardness and the mountain doing the rest of the talking.

In the mouth, classic Petite Sirah forwardness is tempered with dense acids and a fruit so concentrated, it harkens back to Petite Sirah of 20 years ago–maybe even Contra Costa County.  But no, this is pure mountain fruit, dense and rich and thick.  Serious stuff for serious Petite Sirah aficionados.

2014 PARAVEL Petite Sirah Howell Mt. Napa Valley  15.0


2 thoughts on “PS: Howell Mountain

  1. ….I love your reviews…but…eighty two bucks for petite sirah…really…I mean how many cool kids are there in this world to make that viable…I know that the market about two years ago for pinot noir over fifty bucks a bottle was all but dead….are things really that much better now….and then….god bless you for finding this tiny little producer in the Howell mountain range-that is cool and should be noted…

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