A Blot to the System

Perfect purple, no edge and slightly staining.  Heat and construation forces the nose.  Gummy bears on fire and rainy dog park are hard to ignore behind the obfuscating curtain of steroid spice and fake lab-produced fruit. A lone banana peel slips into the flax-seed glycerin mush, attempting desperately to invoke earth or cellar.

Oh boy what a gem of a bottle.  A near-perfect tourist conglomeration of low-end smells and flavors designed–no ENGINEERED–for the lowest-common-denominator palate.  All of the vapid mustiness packed into the bouquet screams at something produced by a Cal Poly chem-major to titillate the uneducated consumer addicted to sweetness and cloudy varietal-correctness.  I honestly didn’t realize it was 27% Syrah until pointed out by a reader, but it makes sense.  To me, it screamed Napa Cab positioned at a price-point for consumer greatness, and to an educated nose, it reeks of Mega-purple, enzyme inoculation and perfect blending.  I went into this dreaming of a second-label winner for half the price, but went away knowing many producers of Napa Cab are willing to manipulate dreadfully for the wide-spread appeal.

In the mouth, obese rotting fruit translates perfectly from bouquet to palate–like nearly every 2012 in this price-point–where it miraculously vanishes, leaving a tincture of vapid liquid completely devoid of anything I drink Napa Cab for.  A Vitamin C curl at the end is supposed to be tannins?

Please dear Dog make this wine go away.

2012 KULETO India Ink Red Wine Napa Valley 14.5



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