White Christmas

Dark straw, with an amber glow.  Closed in at first.  Nothing exudes from it. 53*F  Slowly undresses to velvety ripe banana–a cardboard velvet varnished: bristles stiff, a bristly velvet, but no heat even at red-wine temperature.  Plush and round, at once delicate and with power lurking on a psychological level.

If this doesn’t make sense, I am sorry–it really is like no other white I have had before.  I didn’t say it was good, in fact: it troubled greatly upon reception with its completely shut down complexion.  But slowly it transformed itself into something I can completely see the appeal behind.

In the mouth, a buttery texture initials the apple pie and slight bite against fairly vapid velvet.  Yes, more velvet.  This thing has a European texture to it quite unlike anything in recent memory from California.  Leather and chocolate but not as aromas or flavors as in a red, but rather as texture on an ethereal level.  Slight cellar-floor and an obvious absence of bright fruit or acid–but yet, even at almost 55 degrees, no alcohol to speak of, even though I am guessing at LEAST 15-0.

Quite an interesting white.  What’s weird about it is the ability to carry such loads of honey and rich texture without ever getting bogged down.  A zitrusy spritz actually lightens the load a little in the finish–where I expected alcohol to burn, acid shows up.  No clue of fruit source or blend.  Am guessing maybe Marsanne and Chard?  Roussanne and Chard?  Maybe even something lighter.  Oak?  Well, again I am torn between my PERCEPTION of this producer and what I am tasting.  Knowing the label and the price, one would surmise at least 50% new French Oak.  But nowhere in the bouquet or palate does oak punch you in the face.

Quite an impressive white blend, and am happy say I predicted something quite ponderous and suffocating–and was completely wrong.

2013 SINE QUA NON Resiste White Wine Central Coast



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