Charles in Charge

Transparent ruby with clear edges.  Dusty barnyard ices green minerality layered over decadent fruit and bay but screaming to everyone ANDERSON VALLEY.  Lazy back and forth sprinklers fueled with Rocky Mountain spring water run plump black cherry through an idyllic afternoon of cola spilled on hot asphalt and PG&E’s chippers working down the street. Somewhere a dog barks, stirring the fresh horse stall and varnish into volatility.

I really enjoyed the El Dorado County Rhone-blends from The Withers and have been eyeing the Pinot Noir offerings with great interest.  Decided to jump directly into the fray with the Anderson Valley–easily one of my favorite PN appellations in California.  This thing does not disappoint, bringing rich fruit and edgy rusticity together in classic Mendocino fashion.

In the mouth elegant in a 4-H queen sort of way, never quite letting the expensive dress completely envelope the 4X4 truck. Supple and friendly from the beginning, but any suggestions of easy are lashed at with a smart punch of green virilic burn.  Expansive and concentrated beyond its color and density from the beginning, it is another classic light style to graduate magna cum laude in pure focus on everything good.

2014 THE WITHERS Pinot Noir Charles Vineyard Anderson Valley Mendocino Co. 13.7


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