Just De Facts, Ma’am

img_20161024_193443Bright medium ruby with thin clear edges. Beautiful apricot and dark brier nectar rising up out of the nose. Black tea and pecan praline vie for dominance over shrill minerality and vanilla. Heady and brilliant, and expansively so with a good decant. Warm crusty bread slathered with thick preserves and salty butter on a rainy beach littered with wood and bordered by knee-high wet grass. And it’s ripe. Black fruit notes and noticeable alcohol make sure the sun is shining… somewhere.

A fairly new label to me. I know it is a “GSM” but guessing heavy, almost dominant Syrah-content. Everything else is no doubt influencing the *feel* of this wine but it has so many beautiful, un-adulterated Syrah notes. Simply “Central Coast” so I am going to have to do a bit more research where this is coming from, as it is a really REALLY good wine to be labelled simply Central Coast.

In the mouth, warm and fluid, everything EXACTLY in its place–a TEXTBOOK beauty–early minerality explodes into dense, not over-ripe fruit–tinged in cinnamon and sesame-oil earthiness while bright citrus keeps everything afloat. More sweet nectar through the middle: icing on peach-pits, before intense pepper seals the deal in a forever-finish. This is a serious drinker.

2013 WORKMAN AYER Red Wine Central Coast SY/GR/MV 80/10/10 14.5



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