Fruit Salad; Yummy-Yummy

img_20160917_205405Bright ruby and staining.  Chalky dense floral and brier preface a dense oaky sweet nose.  Earth and sagebrush create a mint maelstrom over dense cherry and alcohol.  Deep plum and chocolate froyo compete with the woodsy edge.

I had the 2012 not long ago and–like pretty much my overall consensus of 2012–loved it but thought it a bit flabby and couldn’t wait to try the 2013.  With 2013, we have basically free candy from heaven: the opportunity to mix actual structure and aristocratic finesse into a wine clearly intended for the masses.  Here’s what bothered me though: Every time I stuck my nose in it, I got oxidation.  It was fleeting, but for that split second, I flashed on oxidation and a flabby glycerine-y fruit-fly off-slick.  What is this wine trying to tell me?

This is not something I think you want hanging around in your cellar for several decades.  This is NOW wine.  As much as I would love to say it would polish out to something grand, I feel its true purpose is gleeful enjoyment NOW.  It’s just engineered that way.  Nothing wrong with that–lord knows we can’t all drink 20-year-old cabs–and seriously, I can think of and point to MANY wines being consumed as 2013’s which are flat out infanticide, but this: This is one you have my full and everlasting blessing on buying and drinking NOW.  It’s flat out LOVELY luscious wonderful RIGHT NOW.

In the mouth, more density and staining blackberry alongside sumptuous oak and wet concrete.  Flinty and sharp mid-palate, it definitely has the acid to back up whatever flabbiness I might have imagined.  Elegant and even a bit wild, a huge chunk of weedy green brier pulls the staining mouth-feel into a finish compounded with healthy tannin.  If this is available in your market, I highly recommend it.  An absolutely flat-out YUMMY cabernet.

2013 YAO MING Cabernet Sauvignon Napa Valley 14.5

Also included on my holiday list of TEN BIG SEXY WINES


3 thoughts on “Fruit Salad; Yummy-Yummy

  1. Hey thanks for sharing! I drive by the winery all the time but I’ve been out off by the perception of super high prices. Your link is something I have to check out. Ps – great review, its breakfast and I want the wine already.

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