Old World for 500, Alex

Light garnet, heavily bricking.  Big, big funk–all KINDS of old wet Euro dog funk–rolls off in droves to the point you almost consider it tainted.  But it is not.  It settles down in to a thinnish, balsamic-and-pine-pitch delectability rather on the pleasant side.  Rich dark chocolate and wet leather vie for rights over the toasted-almond and gherkin base.

One of those wines you see constantly and order occasionally–expecting greatness–and the flaws are so easy to pick off you stop trying.  Definitely an old-world wine–and Sangiovese, so… well…  What I’m saying is:  This thing comes off so austere to a Cali-centric palate.

In the mouth, thin boiled-out fruit, oxidized, maderized, watered-down and horribly acidic to its fruit-quotient.  Faded beyond belief, it is one of those wines you order and then, before the food comes, you are just, like, WTF?!?  And then the food comes.  Suddenly this little thing explodes in all directions–neither offending or under-whelming–perfectly pairing with everything on everyone’s plates.  Yes, this happens.  It befuddles even me.

2009 CASTIGLION DEL BOSCO Brunello Di Montalcino DOCG  14.5



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