Center of Syrah

Dark ruby with thin red edges.  Dense and grainy but not staining.  Big round ripe lush nectar of a nose laden with strawberry Charleston Chew, sarsaparilla, oak and miserably ripe blackberry.

This is a Pinot for people graduating from Syrah and it pretty much fits the ‘Syrah-like’ category of PN.  I would readily put this up against some of the bigger, riper usual suspects from around CA–Belle Glos, Twomey, Goldeneye, etc even though this is HALF the price.  Definitely a crowd-pleasing style.  Barely a Pinot-nuance still alive in it, it is all deep rich fruit compensated with a bit of bitterness but little acid.  Smooth and wonderful, this would make a welcome BTG selection on any menu or crowd-pleaser at a party.  You wouldn’t even have to tell the Pinot-phobes it is pinot.

In the mouth a momentary piquant citrus settles down to Herbs du Provence and fat Tootsie-Pops–YES with the toffee center intact–before dragging everything out into a LOOOOONG sweet finish with a slight burn.  Not really MY style of Pinot Noir.  However for the style it is–a very popular style–it is a REALLY good one.

2011 CENTER OF EFFORT Pinot Noir Edna Valley San Luis Obispo County 14.5


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