Mother Said Never Trust a Faun

Impenetrable milky sediment-heavy garnet right out to the edges.  So dark.  Nose overwhelms with polished cellar floor on a cinnamon and nutmeg bun after gamy, raw-chicken beauty breathes off.  A delectable lush-drop, Vivid Video and Natural-Beauties all rolled up into one amazing package running sweet wood and baked goods into a brier-infested marsh.  I could smell this wine all night long.

Always been a bargain, never a drop of Sangiovese, one of the great beauty entry-IGT Super Tuscans I want to force everyone in the planet to drink.  Here, however, we have an almost-teenage version of what is basically a 20 dollar wine.  Before you get too critical, remember the PP on this little beast.  Yes, the fruit is faded.  It’s MERLOT ferchrissakes!

In the mouth, a bright dark-cherry compote washes into warm wood and tannin grabs instant and hard, def showing the PP and pedigree of this wine.  Just like Napa, throwin a 25$ cab on the shelf for 11 years is going to result in a couple predictable things.  #1. Fruit is either going to fade or prune.  There is no #2.  Fruit is everything.  Never forget this, whether tasting cold whites, futures or old reds.  Fruit is everything.  Here, however, we have the magical juxtaposition of fading fruit, still-vibrant tannin, Euro-acidity, lush oak, and a polish of years smoothing all edges.

There are just so many fun things going on in this bottle from first smell to last memory in the finish.  I’m happy the Merlot is holding up so well.  Steely-edged, grapefruit minerality grind things along through the velvety middle toward the shockingly brilliant finish–tart and ripe, before blockbuster tannins take away your whole world into chalky foreverness.

2005 IL FAUNO di Arcanum Toscana IGT ME/Cab/CF 77/18/5  13.5


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