Rosé. Rosé Everywhere

The afternoons here in Southern California are starting to have that rosé feel to them and a bunch of experiments–and usual suspects–are going to start popping up on this blog.  They will generally not be the star-wine of the evening and I am not going to get bogged down in a lot of detailed reviewing.  The vast majority of these will be sub-10$ bottles from Provence, with a fair smattering of locals or other France Sud regions.  There will be a heavy nod toward Grenache-based offerings, and naturally, color will play the largest part in their selection.  There will be no dark ruby pink wines.  There will be no rosés of Pinot or Cab.  There will be no white Zin but also no 40$ bottles.  The rosé I drink is light, fun, affordable and unpretentious and I am going to throw them on here with barely more than a thumbs up/thumbs down indication.
All melon with petrol and vivid acid.  Off-finish smacking of wet paper as it warms up but try not to over-think it.  Lovely, sultry, spicy stuff–and one of the most-nuanced and probably the most *serious* rosé this season.  ♦♦


A little pinker than above, but still safely in the power-band of onion-skin perfection.  Nice fruit–fig and blueberry with def grassy areas.  Grounded in earth.  A VERY nice rosé for the money.  ♦

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