I Hope Mary Calls Back When She’s Older

Light ruby with wide clear edges.  Not perfectly clear.  Big young nose with a little initial VA blowing off eventually but retaining a sort of amateur profile of fruit-to-depth.  Spicy and bright, crisp earth and wet conifer, but retaining plenty of rich forest dank and a nice swath of oak.  This lil thing SERIOUSLY needs some time to settle down.  By no means my first 14 PN, but I so hate killin these babies.  This wine is a perfect example.  Coming off border-line carbonic at first glance, it takes HOURS to show its true colors.  In the mouth, fairly simple, with a bright orange-rind streak running through rather portly fruit.  This thing really drinks like 14.  A full–almost glycerin-ey–mouthfeel accompanies the meager fruit and thin middle.  Green velvet tannin accompany a slight revival or still-dark fruit in the finish.

2014 MARYETTA VINEYARDS Pinot Noir Valenti Anderson Valley Mendocino Co  13.1



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