Do NOT Respite On This One

Staining garnet with pink edges.  A prominent gym-sock initial changes before your nose into deep black cherry and wet cutting-board.  Big cut roots in a freshly dug hole in the back yard.  Bright Tootsie-Roll fruit with an herbaceous high note screaming Alexander Valley.  Bouquet packed with fresh, unsweaty hide, starlite mint and a boiled-pasta lingering of funk–just enough to seal its legitimacy.

An amazing bottle of wine for the PP.  No, it’s not Napa.  It is Alex through-and-through and for that reason I suppose I would be happier if it were 10$ cheaper but hey, it’s STILL 20$ less than practically every legitimate Napa Cab ever.  Still, find a case of this and drink one a year if you can manage to keep your hands off it.

In the mouth, an instant wash of dusty, amazing almost-Napa-ish fruit, but then that wonderful crushed-stem, Cal-Trans weed-eating-along-the-freeway woody green bitterness swells up and kicks you in the shins to remind you noting like this has come out of Napa since 1986 BV Rutherford was released.  An elegance in the middle sways you toward pedigree again, before intense-but-manageable crushed-pill tannic bitterness takes over.  In another 5 years, the fruit will be playing ping-pong with the tannin into the finish, but not yet.

2010 Respite Cabernet Sauvignon Alexander Valley Reichel Vineyard  14.5


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