My Brunello flies The Rainbow Flag

Light ruby with thin, clear slightly ambering edges.  Big euro-funk on opening turns to charming oak and bright plum, pie-cherry fruit but not particularly concentrated.  Sandalwood and jasmine whisps through a playing field of that afore-mentioned lovely euro-funk.

Yes, those in the front row will notice I drank one of these a week ago.  In my defense, it was GOOD, first of all, and I am on day 4 or 5 of a familial Thanksgiving run hundreds of miles from home and just happened upon some of these and couldn’t resist.  If you knew what part of the globe I am visiting, you would understand how rare fine wines are, NOT to mention fine EUROPEAN wines.  So for my last day in hell, I opted for the Poggio.  It is always fun to write these and go back and see what I said last week.  With any luck it will sound like the same CONTINENT, at least!  But… different glasses, different elevation, different houses and different food…. a lot can change.

With copious air, this thing becomes increasingly watery and woody.  While not light, it definitely will never be mistaken for a deep, brooding monster.  In the mouth, fat, fleshy tannins take a forefront.  Fruit is a flash of concentrated greatness before pepper curls the tongue and structure marches up the middle.  Big tarry glimpses of agile, stony fruit rise here and there, but it is the graphite, gear lube and sandpaper tannins which argue for everything else being almost watery by comparison.

I am not betting on this wine for the long run.  I do not believer there is fruit to outlive the tannin.  Another year or two of good drinking at best.

2009 Poggio dell’Otto Sangiovese Brunello di Montalcino Italy  14.0


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