What To Drink, T-Day and EVERYDAY

I am not succumbing to a Holiday Top-10 list of wines.  OK, maybe a little.  I get daily txts and PM’s wanting to know what wines to buy and it seems to increase dramatically at holiday time.  My #winedork friends don’t need this guide.  They already have planned what they will serve for Thanksgiving and need no input but it appears I have a number of readers who still get all squirrelly-eyed at the supermarket.

First of all: if you shop at wine-stores, stop reading now.  Go talk to them.
Secondly:  If you read my blog and search out the wines published, stop reading now:  This list is not for you.  This list is for people with better things to do with life than think about wine and need guidance.  A decent range of financial options are included.  Buy the best you feel comfortable spending.  So here goes THE only Holiday Wine-Serving Guide you will need this year.

Start with bubbles:
Chandon Blanc De Noir, J Cuvee 20, Korbel Brut Rose
↑↑fruity and full, round and rich↑↑ ↓↓Dry and austere, classic and unforgiving↓↓
Korbel Natural, Mumm Cuvee Napa Brut Prestige

Serve some white:
Navarro Estate Gewurztraminer, Brander Sauvignon Blanc. St Rey Chenin Blanc.

Oh, and don’t forget Rosé!!!  Rosé ALL day!!!
Miraval, Routas, (Sorry, I just can’t get behind anything California–they’re just WEIRD and WRONG)

Oh so everyone says Pinot with Thanksgiving but lists a bunch of stuff you can’t find.  Help is here:
Au Bon Climat.  Le Crema.  Lazarre.  Sanford.  Fialla.  You CAN’T screw up here.

Alternate lighter Reds if you just want the Pinot-train to go away forever and ever:
Red Car Syrah.  Kunin Pape Star.  Lieu Dit Cab Franc.  Morgan Cote du Crows.

And some of you are going to have a big budget and want to play the Pinot game and I am begging you please please do not fall for the Belle Glos situation.  If you are going to spend that kind of money on a big, fat, supple extracted Pinot, get the Goldeneye.  Forget the EnRoute, forget the Twomey, dump the Sea Smoke and the Belle Glos and serve the Goldeneye.  You’re welcome.

And along those lines, a large number of you shrug off the whole pinot or *lighter red* thing and still (I, personally fall horribly and miserably into this category) want to serve a huge disgusting knock-your-socks-off red with Thanksgiving.  Again, those of you with cellars and options WHY ARE YOU STILL READING THIS?!?  And also, those who shop at wine-shops, this info is null.

Shafer, Raymond, St. Francis, Beringer Napa, Clos Du Bois Alexander Valley, Geyser Peak, Markham.  There is no way to go wrong with any of these.  Fucking BULLETPROOF.

Likewise fairly serious cabs–and it’s important here to get the OLDEST vintage you can:
Simi Alexander Valley.  Beringer Knight’s Valley.  Beaulieu Vineyards Rutherford.  Ancient Peaks.  Il Fauno Toscano.

Oh, I could list 5000 more bottles but what good would that do?  Your eyes would just glaze over.  Print this out, go to the store.  I promise you: if you serve these wines, you’re gonna get laid.

Slice against the grain.


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