Name a Wine ‘Oak’ and Then Don’t Use Any

Deep ruby with wide pink edges.  Huge dirty-baby-diaper off the front, breathes out to more of an electrical-fire, pine-pitch something-or-other which I suppose could have some minerality read into it.  All over a nice Dr. Pepper and black cherry fruit base.

I didn’t even notice this was a plain Chianti until I opened it.  I was all, Wow: 2014.  That’s awfully young for a… OMG this is a Chianti!  Just a plain Chianti!.  I can’t even remember the last time I had a plain Chianti.  Most of my Italian comes in the form of IGT but I mix in the occasional Classico or Riserva.  But Chianti?!?  I decided I hated Sangiovese in the early years of my wine-experience JUST BECAUSE of Chianti.  It wasn’t until I moved to the Central Coast and had a Sangiovese from Santa Barbara County that I turned my back on such a shallow decision.

With a half hour of air, this thing goes all gym socks and mildewy towels on the floor.  You have to REALLY be a fan of old world funk and the various possible nuances of Sang to get behind this one.  In the mouth, respectably deep fruited, alongside expectant brilliant acidity.  A decent mouth-feel tapers off to battery-acid tannin.

2014 CASTELLO DI QUERCETO Sangiovese Toscana Chianti Italy 12.5


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