IPOB Merlot Is Not For Me

Medium-dark ruby with no edge.  Big dense, gamy briar with overt petrichor.  Blistering dry match-head–no, cedar dust–no: redwood bark dust.  Roasted meat over a delicate layer of cranberry fruit.  I’ve had some amazing Merlots from Anderson Valley.  Greenwood Ridge, anyone?

The dude at the wine-shop said, “Haha be sure and drink this with lots of food!”  Lots of food?  What the fuck does that even mean?!?!  I balk at the whole *food wine* atonement for sins created in a bottle almost as much as *old vine*.   But Merlot isn’t Cab Franc.  There isn’t two styles.  So what is this?!?  The soft-shouldered version of Merlot?  Loire Merlot?  That’s what this is.

In the mouth, thin and bitter instantly.  The tannins seem to begin working even before it reaches your tongue.  Thin and hollow.  No fruit What. So. Ever.  Wrackingly dry with a dark watery finish which can’t help but be hot.

2012 DONKEY AND GOAT Merlot Anderson Valley Mendocino County 12.5



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