Massive Hughes of Syrah

Dark ruby with beet-red, staining edges.  Lovely Old-World barnyard funk and cellar-floor burn off into nutty, fresh-baked-bread, mascarpone, and dense black cherry with alcohol peeking up through the overt spice and earth.

I haven’t had a Cameron Hughes for several years.  They turn up so randomly in a retail situation.  I’m not really sure WHERE you buy a Cameron Hughes wine.  I do not think I have ever seen one on a *normal* retailer’s shelf or at a wine shop.  Big negociant bottler covering mostly CA wines–always with fairly impeccable appellation–for crazy low prices.  And… occasionally you run into a Frenchie.   When I saw this for 10$, it was a must-try.

In the mouth, a SOLID wine.  Instantly spicy and brash, with gobs of ripe fruit piling on for the ride through the steely acid and impressive tannins heading bitter at finish.  Considerable heat.  I’m gonna guess “13-5” on label–because *Rhone* but blind I would say 14-2.  This is an incredible little Syrah.  Cool-climate through-and through, even though the late-mouthfeel could be construed as a tad fat, but even then, a biting, charging structure rife with nuance far more balanced shines through.  A little hot in the finish, but by the time you jam your nose back into it, it is forgotten under the waves of fruit and briar.

2010 CAMERON HUGHES Syrah Crozes-Hermitage LOT 354 Rhone Valley France 13.5


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