You Had Me At Monastrell


Impenetrable black garnet with NyQuil edges.  Big in the nose, heady mint, candied cherries and balsamic reduction with an overwhelming dark three-chocolate cake and a porty sort of alcohol peeking up through the wet mud.

100% “Old Vine” Monastrell from Yecla and found at Grocery Outlet for 5 or 6 bucks.  It shows a chunk of age, and acid is at a minimum, but nowhere is an oxidized note.  It drinks somewhat like an Amarone, big, rich and full, with almost dried notes of concentration and a good chunk of alcohol, fairly understandable tannins and a touch of sweetness.  Entry is huge and round, mid-section is all bittersweet, and finish teeters between sweet voluptuousness and tannic edge.

This is probably the funnest wine I have had from GO in some time.  It is not bright and lively–it is dark and brooding, but at the same time shows levity and brilliance.  15-0!!!!! (didn’t see THAT coming)

2005 BELLUM Providencia Monastrell Yecla Spain 15.0


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