Needs About Five Years

Almost clear with just a tinge of yellow.  Clean melon and tropical with nary a breath of petrol.  A bit of alcohol though, and banana.  Round and nutty, almond flour and marzipan.

One of the more closed-in offerings of this bottling I have tried–and I have been a fan for DECADES.  Nobody does Gewurztraminer in the new world like Navarro.  A few come close, but the Dry Gewurtz from Navarro is hands down the benchmark.

In the mouth, crisp and clean.  Less viscous than past offerings and far more Riesling-ey.  Honestly, blind?  I’m not sure I would immediately peg this thing for Gewurtz.  There’s very little Gewurtz about it.  Crisp and dry and beautiful and clean with wonderful melon fruit and a lovely little burn in the finish.  I need some heavy tropical, some petrol, some lush vibrancy so intense it can be mistaken for sweetness.  This just doesn’t have it.

2012 NAVARRO VINEYARDS Gewurztraminer Mendocino County 13.8


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