Vin Good, then Vin Parfait

Thin thin ruby with pink edges.  Massive barnyard funk, manure, horse-corral and shit right outa the box.  Wet leather and wet concrete and wet gravel and wet, moldy everything.  Lovely, rotten shit–the way true pinot is supposed to be.

Here’s the interesting thing:  We all have heard “Burgundian-style” at tasting rooms and on back labels and in tasting notes and most of the time, I am all, “Whaaaaa?  You think this is ‘Burgundian style’?  But it’s huge and ripe!  It’s 14-5!  HOW is that *burgundian style*?!?!?  Perhaps you have no clue what Burgundian-style connotes.  THIS is “Burgundian Style”.  At least in the initial nose.  Then….. it falls apart quite rapidly.

A fat over-ripeness takes over with an astringent Vit-C residual which is far more California.  It starts tasting cheap and construed almost immediately.  But that initial funk is there.  Fleetingly.  Settles down almost immediately into a ripe, very New-Worldy sort of Pinot expression.  Big concentration and alcohol with black cherry omnipresent.  Thin on entry, incredibly dried-fruity in middle and thinly astringent on finish.  A very interesting, but cheap and, ultimately, non-interesting wine.  But I had such high hopes for it initially.  It is not a dreadful wine, but redeeming qualities will be hard to find for fans of California Pinot Noir.  Simple and smooth, fat, yes, fat after all that wonderful barnyard blows off.

2013 VIN PARFAIT Pinot Noir Edna Valley San Luis Obispo County 13.0


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