Merlot For The One Percent

Med-dark ruby with staining pink edges.  Incredible vegetal and brier high note–WAY up there in the brier-clouds: mint and eucalyptus, CALTRANS mowing alongside the freeway, slowly turning to classical nutmeg, cinnamon, wet ash-tray and the tell-tale nuances of gobs and gobs of oak.  Warm and nose-filling all the way in, plush, ripe, chocolaty, sultry Merlot goodness which makes you plead with Dog it doesn’t disappear when you taste it–like most Merlot.  And it doesn’t.

In the mouth, the brier translates well, setting the stage for silky tannins after the fruit has done its song-and-dance over the middle.  And considerable fruit this one does contain.  Wait, sounded that Yoda like.  Never coming off fat but fruit and texture border lining on glycerin-chewy.  And still that brier.  It never goes away.  Initial nose through first taste through finish it finally fades away into muddy earth with a bitter edge.  This is STUNNING Merlot.  Purchased for around 20 bucks.  Find it, buy a 6-pack and drink a bottle a year.  This stuff will be amazing in 10 years.  It’s THAT kind of Merlot.

2011 GAINEY VINEYARD Merlot Santa Ynez Valley Santa Barabara Co. 13.9


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