No Vay

Beautiful deep staining ruby, pink edges.  Really closed in.  Tried and tried to get a nose out of it.  Decanted.  Breathed and breathed.  Nothing.  Finally, a tiny little root-beer and alcohol with an earthiness somewhere between *calm* and *mildly piquant*.  There’s just not a whole lot goin on in this wine.  I guess I’m spoiled.

But think about it:  How many Napa Valley Syrah’s have you had?  I had a JC Cohn a couple months ago which carried a Napa appellation but beyond that, I can’t remember hardly ANY.  Ever.  Many many trips and thousands of bottles in 20+ years and I’m drawin a blank.  Shafer.  Ramey? The other day I saw an advertisement for BV Syrah and I did a double-take–it just seemed so surreal.  I never dreamed BV had a Syrah.  It stands to reason they WOULD, of course, but it just isn’t what I think about when I consider BV–or ANY of Napa Valley.

This bottle does not have much more going on in it than the nose implies. I am not sure what style of Syrah the winemaker was going for, but this kinda misses several of them on a whole lotta levels.  It is not a terribly flawed wine, it is clean and neat and doesn’t smell like Pelican Rock… it’s just… there’s no there there.  A initially bright and then breathed-out core of fruit with emphasis on… well, it really doesn’t last long enough to get an emphasis on ANYTHING.  Blistering, shocking, obliterating tannins take over instantly and that’s it.  End of wine.  End of review.

2010 NOVY FAMILY WINERY Syrah Napa Valley 14.5


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