*yawn* Oregon *yawn*

Light garnet, wide clear edges.  That unmistakable bright parsley, celery, and squashed bug bouquet which can only spell O R E G O N.  I suppose if you are a fan, then it is not necessarily a fault.  I am a fan in young doses, but unfortunately have witnessed it grow and grow into that whole burnt-almond vegetal stew which does not breathe out and becomes quite unenjoyable.  This smells like Broadley.  I don’t really pick up much fruit in the nose, or earth or barnyard or anything–alcohol, actually, seems to be about it.  OK, maybe a slight cedar-pencil at the tail-end underlying everything.  Bitterness is really the first thing to hit the tongue, followed by a dollop of ripe fruit almost completely obscured by overbearing tannin and more alcohol both of which come in early.  The tannin is of the strong-and-bitter variety and really not particularly pleasant.  If this were cab, I could see it… *maybe* but combined with the awkward herbaceousness of the nose I feel it spells doom for any situation involving resting a few bottles.  If you like this profile in PN, then knock yourself out.  I find it clunky and abrasive.  Unpolished and no promise.  Sorry, Oregon.

2010 CRISTOM VINEYARDS Pinot Noir Mt. Jefferson Willamette Valley Oregon 13.5



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