Suffer Through This One

Clear, almost amontillado sherry-coloured with edges almost pink?!? Reasonable sediment.  Incredible floral notes alongside dark, ripe, black fruit and dank old-world earthiness.  Raw eggs and pomegranate.  A slight pruniness at edges of bouquet and follows up in mouth–which is a bit troubling.  I did not note that on the last bottle probably over a year ago.  I am glad I have a few more of these but am going to watch them.

In the mouth:  More mineral and crazy ripe cherry see-sawing against sharp acid and positively mind-numbing tannin.  Everything about this bottle just screams more, more MORE.  I do so love Bandol rouges and–other than the occasional Tempier–they are just so rare in the U.S.  Buy them whenever you get the chance.  This one is just stunning.

2004 DOMAINE LA SUFFRENE Mourvedre Bandol France 14.5


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