A decent Pinot, with Octane

Medium density garnet with wide, clear edges.  Sumptuous, classic pinot bouquet with smatterings of sweet oak and a bit of alcohol.  The nose just SCREAMS Carneros.  Nutty and spice-ridden, but restrained, warm and round.  Tannin-tinged bright pie-cherry fruit opens everything up and naturally, a remarkable acid core.

The shocking part is how the tannins are at the fore-front, not waiting to delve in at the middle or even finish.  The whole package drys out almost immediately and finishes sharply.  Initial uptake is a fabulous PN, mouth-feel gives rise to a somewhat distinctly unbalanced wine.

Quite meager in the mouth but not totally un-enjoyable.  There really is nothing to brag about in this wine.  Nothing wows, no amazing fruit, no exotic spices.  It is completely enjoyable and deserves a solid average grade, but nothing which makes you really want to gush about.  You keep coming back to it only to try and find something amazing from a Pinot of this pedigree but every time you are just left short of any amazing descriptors.  Totally drinkable and enjoyable, just not stunning in any way or shape.  Quite unbalanced.  Hot and bitter in the finish–and the finish starts when the wine enters your mouth.

2012 BREWER-CLIFTON Pinot Noir Santa Rita Hills Santa Barbara Co. 14.5



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