Another 20$ Napa cab!

This is the second Fuse in the same number of weeks and I am so in love with this label.  25% Syrah again, and ohhhh so lovely.  Just the right amount of years under it’s belt to really start showing some real finesse.  Still young, and years to go–the 2010 I had last week was a rough diamond, and really shows where this wine (2007) came from–and where its heading.  Beautiful ruby and seems almost cloudy–even though it has rested a week since purchase at Taste of the Valleys in Pismo.  Musky fruit nose kinda closed in and buried under baked-bread, AL and tannin.  Tiny *old-barrel* sorta thing.  On the taste, just explodes of wonderful deep raspberry and cedar.  Fairly massive oak, but in control.  Huge acid and tannin finish pretty bitter, but a VERY PRETTY sort of *bitter*.  This needs 5 more years, but really is coming into focus even right now.  I highly recommend this label–and this wine.  They are doing wonderful things–and the Syrah component really shines through–not out of character at all.  14-9 scares me a little bit, but I am confident the balance will reward.

2007 FUSE Red Wine Napa valley 14.9


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